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When everyone can agree on a place to eat, your restaurant becomes the new go-to meeting place, saving friends from indecision and hunger. Get found and favorited on social-eats.

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More visibility & customers

We serve your restaurant to curious diners who want your cuisine

Increased profit per table

We help you maximize seating through larger groups visiting your restaurant

Increased reservations

We integrate with existing booking software, meaning no extra work on your end

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Beat Dining Roadblocks

The biggest reasons people skip dining out include:

  • Scheduling
  • Difficulty picking a venue
  • Time and effort required to plan
  • Indecisiveness
  • Dietary restrictions

Our app removes these issues by suggesting restaurants based on their exact dining preferences, making it easier than ever to eat out.


of diners find restaurants through online search

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How it Works

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    Early adopters enjoy six months free!

  2. Create a Profile

    Showcase your unique menu and experience.

  3. Get matched with diners

    We serve your restaurant based on user preferences.

  4. Start booking more tables!

    Diners can reserve a table directly from the app.

“We designed social-eats with you, the operators, in mind every step of the way. We heard you loud and clear; you want something easy to use that doesn’t suck up all your time and doesn’t eat into your margins. So that is what we made; a platform with one low monthly cost that allows you to reach groups of potential customers as they are choosing where to eat. But we got rid of things like reputation management and algorithms that promote the most active to the beginning of the list while burying others. Reviews and feedback are sent directly to you, not to the whole world. And our matching algorithm is simple. If everyone in the group likes your restaurant, you are on the list. This allows your food and customer experience to speak for you; the more your restaurant is liked, the more lists you appear on. We want to bring you groups of diners so you can focus on creating the best possible dining experience.”
Stephen Foster, Founder & CEO
Stephen Foster Founder & CEO
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